New Zealand Tour 2017
Purging through painting
We would like to invite you to contribute to the philanthropic aim of sponsoring Jean Marc Calvet to New Zealand to work in association with Splice and other community outreach groups to tell his story of hope and survival and inspire others through the transcendental power of art.
Jean Marc Calvet is a French artist living in Granada, Nicaragua. An outsider artists of sorts, with no formal art training, Calvet purges himself, his past, through his compulsive need to paint. He began painting at the age of 38 following a drug-induced rage while living in Costa Rica in the clutches crisis. A troubled man from childhood, until the 90’s, Calvet teetered on the abyss of destruction; suicide, alcoholism, drug abuse, violence and hysteria was the basis of his existence. Through pure chance and disillusionment, Calvat was ‘born-again’ when he discovered painting as a form of healing. His difficult background is almost textbook cinematic drama that unfolded in real life. A story that inspired British filmmaker Dominic Allan to produce the award winning documentary “Calvet” in 2010.
His past however does not overshadow the quality of his art. His obsessive need to purge his past through painting has rewarded him an established place in mainstream art galleries. His work can be seen in galleries in Paris and Costa Azul in France, Granada, Washington and New York. The act of Painting became the corner stone of his healing process and sanctuary from where he exorcises the chaos of his past. His style is unique, but revokes elements that is akin of a Basquiat and Keith Haring. His style is brutal, provocative and obsessive. Vibrant compositions of stacked figurative details, primal graphics, cartoonish characters and vivid colours sprawls over every inch of his canvas enforcing a dramatic coherency.
The proceeds from the fundraising screening of the documentary based on Calvet on the 8th of October and an art auction on the 5th of November will contribute towards his airfare and outreach program during his stay in New Zealand in Feb/March 2017.

Vaughan Clements